Procedure Documents Introduction

In this section, you can learn how to manage your company procedure documents.

Like all controlled documents in KAIE, procedure documents themselves are parent entities which act as a master source for all revisions of a document (or set of documents). A procedure document entity can house any number of procedure document revisions, and in turn, a procedure document revision can house any number of files (of any format), to be associated with that revision.

Individual procedure document revisions may be assigned statuses determining whether they are superseded, unsubmitted drafts, drafts awaiting approval, approved current documents, or any number of other statuses a document controller may wish to assign.

This structure allows document control across multiple formats within the same document revision - For example; the original, editable version of a document can be controlled in parallel with its published, uneditable version, and within the same document revision, CAD drawings, process diagrams, or anything else desired can also be controlled without needing multiple revision entities.

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