Using an Execution Plan to select workers

To use an existing procedure execution plan to select staff by skill and region, perform the following steps:

  1. Use the left side bar menu to select Procedures then the sub-menu Execution Plans.
  2. Find the execution plan you wish to select staff for by scrolling or using the search function.
  3. Click on the inspect () icon.
  4. Scroll down to the Resource Allocation subsection. You will see a list of skill requirements, derived from the procedure revision this execution plan is intended for. To the right of each skill requirement, you will see Empty Slot markers, awaiting the allocation of workers.
  5. Click the edit () icon to the right of the Resource Allocation subheading. This will bring up the Assignment dialogue window.
  6. In this dialogue window, you will see:
    • The “Search all work regions” checkbox. If you leave it unchecked, only staff who match the work region(s) of this execution plan will be available for selection. If you click on it to mark it checked, all staff with appropriate skills will be available for selection, regardless of their work region.
    • The “Resources” selection indicator. This indicates how many of this procedure’s skill requirements have been filled, based on the staff you have selected from the list.
    • The list of available workers. This is a list of workers available to fill the skill requirements for the procedure, arranged in order of highest number of required skills to lowest number of required skills.
  7. Locate a desired worker, and select them by ticking the checkbox to the right of their name. As you select, you will notice that the resources indicator will update to show you how many of the skill requirements your selected worker fulfils.
  8. Continue to select workers. As you proceed, the resources indicator will continue to update, and workers who can no longer fill any vacant skill slots will have their names greyed out progressively.
  9. When you have fulfilled all skills requirements, click Save.

You will now see a list of skill requirements, with your selected workers having replaced the empty slot markers, indicating which workers have been matched against which skill requirements.