Skills and Competency Management Introduction

In this section, you can learn how to manage your company’s skills, including their structure and relation to one another, their assessable competency levels, and relative skill level rankings.

Skills can be organised in a nested tree structure, with categories and sub-categories allowing you to arrange your skills hierarchically if you so choose. For example, you may elect to organise your skills like this:

  • Skill Category 1
    • Skill Sub-Category 1
      • Skill 1
      • Skill 2
    • Skill Sub-Category 2
      • Skill 3
      • Skill 4

Your skill competency levels are also managed here, in a flat ranking system indicating the relative level (lowest to highest) an employee may have gained in any particular skill. For example, your skill competencies might take this structure:

  1. Unassessed
  2. Trainee
  3. Competent (assessed)

Your work force can then be allocated accreditation in these skills to their appropriate level, with nominal expiry dates if desired. This will allow you to more easily select teams for execution of your skill-dependent procedures.

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